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01:31 Go Clifford Go Reprise Outro Clifford The Big Red Dog
00:41 / PBS Frontline Funding Music
01:02 Pbs Unseen Life On Earth Funding Credits
00:30 Zoom Season Eight Funding Credits
01:36 Opposite And Same The Name Of The Game Clifford The Big Red Dog
00:06 Viewers Like You Wishbone Funding
01:02 "Clifford The Big Red Dog" Centerpoint #14 Center S Shitty Song Sunday
01:01 Arthur Funding Credits Chorded
01:11 Family Feud Funding Credits
00:16 American Greetings Funding
01:37 Look At The Word Shape Clifford The Big Red Dog
00:14 Little Bear Funding Credits
01:03 Subracting Song Clifford The Big Red Dog
00:59 Pingu Funding
00:43 Pbs Kids Funding Plug
02:07 Arthur Funding Credits Intro Garageband Music
00:48 Supernanny Pbs Funding Credits